Dr. rer. nat. Gerold Lukowski

1965 born in Cottbus (Germany)
1985 - 1990 Study of Physics at the University of Greifswald
1990 Diploma thesis (Plasma investigation at a high frequency planar reactor) Advisor: Hans Deutsch, Ph.D., Prof.
1990-1994 Doctor of Philosophy, (Structure and surface of micro- and nanoparticles) Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Institute of Pharmacy, E.-M.-Arndt- University, Greifswald, Germany; Advisor: Michael Dittgen, Ph.D. Prof., Co-Advisor: Bernd W. M¸ller, Ph.D., Prof.
1990-1991 Research visit at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
1991-1993 Research visit at the Max Delbrück Centre, Berlin
1990-1995 Research Assistant, Department of Pharmaceutics, Institute of Pharmacy, E.-M.-Arndt- University, Greifswald
1995-2001 Scientific Assistant, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Institute of Pharmacy, University Greifswald
1998-1999 Research visit at the Deutsche Synchrotron Laboratory, DESY Hamburg
2001 Research visit at the Hahn-Meitner Institute, Berlin
2002- present Laboratory leader at the Institute of Marine Biotechnology
main topics of research: Development of novel Drug Delivery Systems
Structure and surface investigation of Controlled Release Systems and gene transfer systems
Production of liposomes and nanoparticles based on lipids and marine organism
Development of formulations against hospital infections
RESEARCH AWARDS and fellowships: Scientific award of the Academy of S